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A tool for studying malware (droppers) written in JavaScript and JScript. It makes use of the Node.js sandbox and provides a dummy implementation of some key ActiveX components (XMLHTTP, ADODB.Stream and others). Used successfully in a "real environment" to automate malware analysis, as well as the ArchStrike repo (boxjs-git).

malware analysis, node.js


A completely transparent bridge between JavaScript and Redis, as a Node.js package (rebridge on npm). Used successfully in Telegram-Bot-Node as a persistent storage solution.

redis, node.js

Huft: human-friendly Tor

A Firefox extension to translate classic .onion addresses (eg. http://expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion) to a human-friendly list of words (huft://page-shower-samples-higher-someone-hire-bound) and vice versa.

tor, javascript